Negatives with co-sleeping like baby falling off the bed, suffocating, parents unable to get the space

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We are expecting our newborn this month end and we want to buy a crib for our baby. Initially we did not feel the need of buying a crib as we lived with the mindset of co-sleeping. But then on interacting with our friends who are already parents and browsing through internet, came across the negatives with co-sleeping like baby falling off the bed, suffocating, parents unable to get the space and sleep that they need much; and at last we felt that a crib was pretty much necessary, with Safety as the primary criterion, particularly when the baby is unattended.

We have searched many online stores including amazon, firstcry, mom &me, flipkart etc and a few retail stores – mom&me, firstcry, pinkpanthers etc..Some models were very pleasing to the eyes too – ornamental and attractive colored. We came to know about Wudplay through web searches – Read through the reviews, which were pretty good. So the reason why we have zeroed upon Wudplay cribs, even without looking at them directly in shop (since we are NOT based out of Hyderabad) :

Few things that stand out with Wudplay – Wudplay is very specific with its core business on baby furniture while the other stores have crib as a nice to have item. This easily translates into the following Product wise features:

  1. We looked at most of the models in retail stores and all of them were either made of rubber wood or pine wood. Since we expect to use the crib for our kid at least till the age of 3 or 4, we wanted the crib to be rigid and solid – teak wood from Wudplay should fit the bill.
  2. One side of the crib could be attached to the bed for convenience. In most stores, we saw that half of a side rail could be undone and folded down, and that offers very little flexibility. Whereas, the sliding rail would offer more flexibility, and could attach to parents’ bed without offering any gap in between.
  3. Many of the stores had 2 step height adjustments and very few had 3 step adjustments. We were concerned about our bed’s height and whether the crib would be in level to our bed.  We saw that Wudplay product offers 5 step adjustment and the chances that it would fit our bed goes higher.
  4. The range of screenshots available at Wudplay is good as it provided us with a better feel of how the product would look like and to top it up, the assembly instructions video, provides even better look and negates any doubt over assembly.
  5. While other stores price aggressively and offer rubber wood, Wudplay offers at a similar or even better price with superior quality (teak wood).
  6. The combo offers are cool with customers able to purchase crib as well as mattress and other accessories like nets at a one-go.
  7.  And the product is not overly ornamental (which we do not prefer), finish is neat and colors are simple yet classy. (we liked the dark walnut finish)


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