Furniture, which is making a Difference in Many Lives

Posted by Amit Agarwal on

Wudplay makes furniture, so what's so great about it. There are many companies that make and sell furniture online. Well the difference is not just the furniture but the people who are making it.

Today there are over 26.80 million PwD (People with Disabilities) in India and there are hardly any jobs for them. At Wudplay, we have been giving First Opportunity of any job opening to PwD and if we are not able to find suitable staff for the position we then recruit our staff from the main stream. Over 80% of Wudplay's staff are people who are physically challenged. Many of they have hearing and speaking disability and can neither speak nor hear. We recruit them and train them for 2 months and they can handle the job as well as a normal person would do. We have noticed they even outperform them over a period of time. All our normal staff when being recruited are sensitized towards the needs of our special employees and are trained on how to communicate with them.


Our Display Studio in Hyderabad is manned by Mahboob Ali (in picture above) and he is able to help customers with some basic details and the customer then order the product on our website. Some customers get irritated when dealing with Mahboob but he keeps his cool and charms them with his skills, and they go back smiling. As Wudplay continues to grow and open more display studios, more people like Mahboob will become a part of its team to man the new studios that open.


A team discussion in progress.


We at Wudplay see these freshers as Managers of tomorrow handling large production teams over the next few years and we will continue to do this as we grow & try and make a small difference and hope to make a big change some day, ideally when many other companies will come forward to take this initiative. We are also proud of our customers and thank them as they are being a part of this initiative indirectly by helping us grow.

A Big Thank you to all our Customers !